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If you are thinking about taking skating lessons for the first time or you want to introduce your children to a healthy life-long sport, register for a skating program at the Ice Palace. All of our programs are taught by nationally certified professional coaches in a fun and positive environment.

CanSkate is our entry-level program where basic skating skills are taught. After mastering the basics there are many options available.

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Adult Skate

Figure Skating

Learn to Skate / Recreational

Participant Development Model

The model below illustrates the two streams of programming offered by Skate Canada. Skaters may participate in either stream from one season to the next.

Participant Development Model


Off-Ice Training

Incorporating fitness training into our programs ensures that Canadians are getting the appropriate level of physical activity, as outlined in Health Canada’s “Guide to Physical Activity for Youth”.  It also helps ensure that our members are doing all that they can to achieve their own level of personal excellence – in whatever Ice Palace program they are enrolled.

Fitness classes for young children focus on fun, games and group participation. As athletes develop, training becomes more specific and includes the following areas:

  1. Core Stability/Strength Training/Functional Movement
  2. Aerobic / Anaerobic Training
  3. Flexibility Training
  4. Creative Movement / Dance Movement
  5. Nutrition
  6. Mental Training