Bingo and Casino

Home Club Members in our private lesson program are required to submit three bingo deposits each season. Each family has the option to work three bingos during the season or to forgo their bingo deposits. Members will receive an email in September and January with a list of bingo dates and information on how to sign up.

A $125 bingo deposit charge will be applied to your account on Oct 1, Jan 1, and Apr 1.  Members who work bingos will receive an ice refund cheque ($125 / bingo).  These cheques are issued four times per year: September, December, March, and June.  Members who more than their three required bingos will receive a $75 credit for each additional bingo.

Our office will automatically apply your Bingo and Casino credits towards your ice fees.  If your total credits exceed your ice fees, you must submit receipts for other eligible expenses you have incurred.  Receipts must be provided to the office within three months after the skating season ends. Bingo and Casino credits may only be used for the current skating season (September 1-August 31) and cannot be carried over to the next season. Therefore, any accumulated credits that are not offset against eligible expenses will be forfeited by the member at the end of the season.

Ice Palace Bingo and Casino credits may only be used towards the following expenses:

  • Ice Palace ice fees
  • Ice Palace annual membership fee
  • Competition related expenses (for competitions in Alberta only)
    • Entry fees
    • Direct route transportation costs (venue must be minimum 1 hour away)
    • Accommodation (venue must be minimum 1 hour away)
    • Meals (venue must be minimum 1 hour away)

Each member will have the opportunity to sign up for three bingos.  After the sign-up deadline, our Bingo Chair will confirm your bingo dates and will fill any empty spots with members who have expressed an interest in volunteering extra shifts. Note that it is your responsibility to remember your bingo dates and to be on time for your shift.  If you cannot make it for your bingo, it is preferred that you find a replacement to cover your shift and inform us with the name of your replacement.

Our bingos are held at Caesar’s Bingo in West Edmonton Mall. Our casinos take place every two years and are held at Starlight Casino in West Edmonton Mall.

Bingo shifts are as follows:

  • Afternoon bingos – 11:00am-3:30pm
  • Evening bingos – 5:00-9:30pm

Please inform us if you plan to work Alberta Figure Skating Foundation bingos so that we can apply your credits accordingly.  Note that Alberta Foundation credits may only be used towards ice fees.

For more information, please contact our office or our Bingo Chair at